ROI Calculator Spreadsheet

Screenshot of the imaging software ROI calculator

[Spreadsheet] ROI Calculator

Looking for an easy way to estimate the expected ROI from implementing a core-integrated document tracking and imaging system? This spreadsheet is for you. In just a few clicks, you move through the tabs on this worksheet to input tangible costs, process analysis, and intangible savings to calculate and visualize your projected ROI.

How Would I Use this Workbook?

The first tab of the worksheet is your quick-start guide to see how data is entered. Data can be entered and modified freely in clearly-designated fields, and the rest is then filled in automatically. Specific loan processes are broken down in detail to get the most accurate ROI calculation for your institution. For each process, this worksheet includes the time we believe the process should take when using AccuAccount (based on time studies with our existing clients). You can use this worksheet to:

  • Understand your loan processing inefficiencies
  • Compare your inefficiencies to a more streamlined approach
  • Calculate ROI from a software implementation