Exception & Document Management Solutions

Implementing a paperless document management system will improve banking processes, protect information from theft or disaster, and enhance compliance efforts. Make it a reality for your regional or community bank. Take a tour of our bank document management software applications: AccuAccount, AccuTrack, and AccuDoc.


Manage Loans Documents & Exceptions, Deposits, & Trusts
Is your financial institution looking for a way to streamlineaccuaccount bank software its loan management and operations? If so, AccuAccount is the solution. Our loan document management software integrates imaging, core download, exception management, reporting, and auditors’ export into one system.

It automatically sets up the correct loan type, document structures, exceptions, users, and generates appropriate letters for customers. This process creates accessibility, accountability, and control for management and personnel. AccuAccount is also available as a hosted solution, freeing up important resources at your bank. Learn more about how AccuAccount can help eliminate the gap that occurs between independent manual ticklers and credit files.

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Exception Management System
Managing exceptions is an integral part of your file accu track exception trackingmanagement process. There are many reasons you track exceptions, including board of directors, regulatory authorities, and senior management. What if there was a way to bring all of your exception tracking into one cohesive system, while still offering each department the flexibility needed to properly track their exceptions?

AccuTrack is a powerful, browser-based exception management system used by community banks. Manage all of your exceptions within AccuTrack’s intuitive dashboard.

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Bank-Wide Document Management System
Is your bank searching for an effective way to manage all accudoc logoof its internally generated documents? AccuDoc is a suite of integrated modules, designed to organize a financial institution’s documents into a master user platform.

AccuDoc is a dynamic information storage repository that offers the flexibility to have each department’s information in one structured system. The entire application is housed on a single database, requiring less administration and maintenance. Additionally, system reports and interfaces can be designed specifically for each department. Banks across the country count on AccuDoc to manage accounts payable, contracts, human resources, insurance, meeting minutes, policies and procedures, securities, report archive, and more.

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