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Meet AccuAccount: Loan Management Software for Community Banks

Loan management is a multi-faceted, complex process for most financial institutions. AccuAccount helps banks do more with less by consolidating document management, exception tracking, and account management into a single, integrated system.

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Bank Document Management

Document Management

Manage credit, loan, and account documents within an intuitive dashboard.

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Bank Document Management

Exception Management

Maintain compliance with automated tracking of missing, expired, and policy exceptions.

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Bank Document Management

Total Account Management

Enhance customer service with e-document management for deposits and trusts.

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“The most seamless software installation process I have been through in my 20 years of banking. The AccuSystems staff did a great job preparing us and spent a lot of time developing our document structure.”
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Manage Documents & Exceptions in AccuAccount

Does your financial institution need an effective way to streamline the management of loan documents? AccuAccount is a comprehensive account management software that offers imaging, tracking, and management within a single system. Manage loans, deposits, and trust account information. AccuAccount integrates imaging, core download, exception management, reporting, and auditors’ export into one system. It also features an integrated workflow component that automates processes initiated through the core download. It automatically sets up the correct loan type, document structures, exceptions, users, and generates appropriate letters for customers. AccuAccount creates accessibility, accountability, and control for management and personnel.

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Make Better Lending Decisions

Commercial loans are the lifeblood of many community banks. AccuAccount streamlines the commercial lending process by centralizing customer and account documentation into a convenient, browser-based system. AccuAccount allows any authorized employee to view, search, email, or print customer and loan documents from any computer within the financial institution’s network. Multiple users may access information simultaneously. And, thanks to interfaces with popular lending and underwriting platforms, you can rest assured that your team is always accessing accurate, timely information.

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Reduce Exceptions & Compliance Issues

69% of community banks still rely on manual exception tracking processes (such as spreadsheets or stand-alone ticklers). AccuAccount’s integrated approach allows your institution to easily manage exceptions for credit documents, loans, and accounts. Exceptions are cleared when a document arrives, a file is scanned in, or an expiration date is changed. Custom and policy exceptions can also be configured, helping your organization reduce compliance-related issues. The system’s document scheduling feature allows your financial institution to set up new documents with monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual exceptions. This means that documents can be set to show up as an exception in the future (for example, title policies, deed of trust, etc). Reduce exceptions and increase customer satisfaction with AccuAccount’s built-in exception management feature.

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Improve Customer Relationships

Checking and savings accounts are often a customer’s first interaction with your financial institution. It’s therefore vital to offer an outstanding level of customer satisfaction for deposit customers. AccuAccount helps you maintain this satisfaction by storing electronic versions of important customer files in an easy-to-access virtual file cabinet.

AccuAccount provides instant access to signature cards, driver’s licenses, account information, authorized users, and potential sales opportunities. From your core system, hit a “hot key” and the matching customer page in AccuAccount appears. All documents related to a specific customer are stored together in one record that can be accessed by multiple users at multiple locations, reducing the risk of exposure that paper documents pose upon the financial institution.

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Create Visibility, Accountability, & Control

By increasing the availability of customer documents and information, your employees will be better equipped to offer best-in-class customer service. This translates into happier customers, more engaged employees, and greater profitability for your institution.

Take the first step to a better bank. Learn how to migrate your loans, deposits, trusts, and exceptions to AccuAccount.

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