Streamline Your
Loan Approval Workflow

AccuApproval turns loan approval into a manageable process in AccuAccount.
Reduce inefficiency, increase collaboration, and accelerate time to close.

Infographic showing six steps of AccuApproval
Animation showing how to add an application in AccuAccount

Step 1

View customer relationships and start new applications with just a few clicks.

Access credit documents, loan and deposit information, and relationships for existing customers. Consolidate customer information from multiple sources. Track potential customers and lending opportunities in a scalable, flexible system. Connect to your CRM and other banking systems for additional efficiency.

Step 2

Collect your documents and display them intuitively.

Stop waiting on paper documents to arrive on your desk. Share documents with other users and departments as they are received. Credit documents and applications are organized and instantly available to other users and teams, which speeds up the approval process.

Document view in AccuAccount

Step 3

Utilize workflows that mirror your lending process.

Automate each step to mirror your current lending process. Works with all of your loan types: commercial, mortgage, lines of credit, agricultural—even renewals. Track changes in the application status. Users or groups receive email notifications when action is required. Management can check on statuses at any point in time.

Step 4

Electronically route and approve loans.

Emails notify credit analysts, underwriters, doc prep, and others to take action and process the application in a timely manner. Loan processors, lenders, managers, and admins can be notified each time a step is taken. Utilize approval limits or allow committees to mark applications as approved or denied.

Animation showing application pipeline report

Step 5

Easily track application status and lender productivity.

Gain a high-level view of your loan pipeline with customizable dashboards and reports. Keep management informed about pipeline value, profitable opportunities, and other important metrics. Get reports by branch, lender, loan product, application status, and much more.

Step 6

Easily convert applications and retain all relevant information.

Convert applications to booked loans in seconds. Retain the application's history and documents on the newly booked loan. Withdrawn and declined applications are retained for historical purposes.

Illustration showing an application with checkmarks and AccuAccount

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AccuApproval FAQs

Yes. Unlimited workflows can be created and customized per loan type.

Yes. Each user can be granted permissions to take actions based on their role.

Yes. A group email can be used for notifications when actions are taken on an
application. Also, an application can be assigned to a group of users who would all
receive an email notification.

Yes. Timers can be customized for each workflow action to track how long an
application has been in progress, how long it’s been assigned to a user or department,
or any other times that need to be tracked.

These applications can either be deleted or saved for future reference. If they are
saved, the images can be used for a future application.

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