Customer Imaging

AccuAccount makes it easy to image, store, and access your customer-specific documents.

Efficiently Add Customer Documents to AccuAccount

Images can be added to AccuAccount in a variety of ways. Paper documents can be scanned into digital format and added to AccuAccount using a desktop scanner and/or multi-function device. For documents that are already in electronic format, we offer a variety of convenient ways to get customer documents into AccuAccount, including drag and drop.

AccuAccount also makes it easy to capture important information about your customer documents, such as: document title, expiration date, document status, comments, and more.

View Customer Documents in One Place

AccuAccount is designed to “look like” a traditional loan file with customer documents on the left side of the screen. Documents display in groups that are defined by your financial institution, delivering a highly customized experience for users. Customer documents display regardless of the loan or account that is being viewed, which eliminates the need to image these documents more than once.

As documents are added, images become immediately available by any user at any branch (with proper permissions). Multiple viewers can access the same document at the same time. Multiple documents can be viewed in a single window for side-by-side comparison.

Automate Data Entry with a Nightly Sync

During implementation, your financial institution can decide which customers to map from your core on a nightly basis. You’ll also decide on the corresponding document structure for each customer type.

Contact us to learn more or request a personalized demo of AccuAccount.

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