Scanning & Imaging Solutions for AccuAccount

  • Document Scanning and Electronic Content Management (ECM)

AccuSystems offers a variety of innovative scanning and imaging solutions for your financial institution. Here are six solutions to help you image and index your documents with less effort. Questions? Feel free to contact us for additional information about any of our scanning and imaging solutions.

AccuAccount Components


AccuImg is AccuSystems’ desktop scanning software, used to image single documents, barcoded documents, and batch scanning without barcodes on a desktop scanner. AccuImg is used to add documents to a current file in AccuAccount.


AccuCapture works in conjunction with a multifunction device scanner. The customer and account files are placed with the barcode separator pages into a network scanner. AccuCapture watches for new scans and places the documents into the correct location.


AccuPrint is a virtual printer used to "print" electronic documents to AccuAccount. The user can pick the customer, account or document tab within AccuAccount. Any user with the proper permissions can verify the document before it’s moved from the tab.


Electronic documents can be uploaded into AccuAccount. The software allows users with the proper permission to browse to a shared drive and upload the document directly to the customer/account and document tab.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop allows the user to take a document in electronic form and drop it into the document tab on the correct customer or account. Get your documents into AccuAccount in fewer clicks.


AccuAccount offers barcodes for each individual document tab within AccuAccount to use in place of the current tabs. AccuAccount can also read 3rd party barcodes and place the document in the correct tab.

Approved Scanners

AccuSystems provides a list of scanners that work particularly well with AccuAccount and AccuDoc to further streamline your ECM system. View all the options and contact us directly if you have questions about the compatibility of your scanner.