Exception Management Software

Exception Management Software

Meet AccuTrack, an Exception Management System for Banks

What if there was a way to bring all of your exception tracking into one cohesive system, while still offering each department the flexibility needed to properly track their exceptions? AccuTrack is a powerful, browser-based exception management system used by community banks. Manage all of your exceptions within AccuTrack’s intuitive dashboard.

Missing Documents

AccuTrack offers your bank or credit union the ability to automatically set up exceptions for loans and accounts.

Expired Documents

Need a better way to track expiring documents? AccuTrack does the heavy lifting for you.

Policy Exceptions

AccuTrack helps your institution stay within compliance by flagging out of policy exceptions.

“The most seamless software installation process I have been through in my 20 years of banking. The AccuSystems staff did a great job preparing us and spent a lot of time developing our document structure.”

Automate the Exception Management Process

Managing exceptions is an integral part of your file management process. There are many reasons you track exceptions, including board of directors, regulatory authorities, and senior management. What if you could streamline your entire exception management process into a single dashboard and eliminate the need for manual ticklers and spreadsheets?

AccuTrack is exception management software, designed specifically for community banks. Manage and track document, task, and policy exceptions within a browser-based user interface. Reduce your exceptions today with AccuTrack.

Integrated Exception Management

AccuTrack eases the stress and manual processes related to your exception tracking. With AccuTrack, document dependent exceptions are managed accurately and efficiently. There are three separate types of exceptions that can be assigned to each document. You can choose to assign no exceptions to a document, or any combination of these three: missing, expiring, or policy. If the document is missing, the document will appear as an exception until the document is marked as received. In addition, AccuTrack also allows you to manage technical exceptions, set up recurring or renewing document schedules, and monitor loan covenants.

Customer Home Page

No matter how many accounts a customer may be tied to, he or she will have a single customer/credit file in AccuTrack. By having a single customer file, you can avoid confusion among your bank’s users and also restrict access to certain users by document type. AccuTrack’s color coded user interface helps your team quickly assess which exceptions require attention. For example, when related to a document, a red square indicates that a document is missing from the file. A green dot indicates that the document has been received. When related to a tab, the red square indicates no information is on the tab, and a green dot indicates information is available.


Report subscriptions allow reports to be delivered on a recurring schedule. When report subscriptions are created, AccuTrack has options available to allow the report subscription to be customized to meet the needs of the recipient. Reports can be scheduled to automatically deliver (via email or Windows Share File) to the desired recipient. Each report in AccuTrack has parameters for the user to filter the information they are looking at (i.e. officer, branch, customer). Report parameter options are set for each report subscribed to. Example reports include:

  • Exception Report by Officer
  • Customer Checklists
  • Related Entities
  • Classified Acccounts
  • Policy Exceptions
  • Classified Customers
Exception Report

Core System Integration

When viewing customer information in your core or other system, CORELink (included with the AccuTrack purchase) allows users to initiate a hotkey (Ctrl + Alt + L) and hyperlink to the customer’s page in AccuTrack. This screen to screen link allows your institution to reduce manual work involved with searching multiple systems for customer information. CORELink provides your users a quick and seamless method to access these vital customer records.

AccuTrack integrates with many of the most popular core banking systems. You can even connect AccuTrack to your existing imaging platform, if you already scan and digitize loan documents.

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